The Truth | Pratchett Terry

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Издательство: Corgi
Год издания: 2013
ISBN: 9780552167635

`An unmitigated delight . . . very, very funny` The Times

The Discworld is very much like our own - if our own were to consist of a flat planet balanced on the back of four elephants which stand on the back of a giant turtle, that is . . .

`A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on`

William de Worde is the accidental editor of the Discworld`s first newspaper.

Now he must cope with the traditional perils of a journalist`s life - people who want him dead, a recovering vampire with a suicidal fascination for flash photography, some more people who want him dead in a different way and, worst of all, the man who keeps begging him to publish pictures of his humorously shaped potatoes.

William just wants to get at THE TRUTH. Unfortunately, everyone else wants to get at William. And it`s only the third edition...

The Discworld novels can be read in any order but The Truth is a standalone novel.